Aqua Calming Cream
WHAT IT IS A refreshing gel cream that hydrates tired and dry skin for a long time.   KEY FEATURES It contains Centella Asiatica Leaf extract that helps to retain moisture and relieve overworked and tired skin. It's gel like...
Aqua Calming Serum
WHAT IT IS A lightweight serum that balances the skin's barrier to keep the skin healthy and good looking.   KEY FEATURES It contains Chamomile Extract that helps to visibly soothe and smooth the complexion, relieving the skin from distressing...
Calm Down Bubble Toner
WHAT IT IS An innovative and fun toner that comes out in the form of bubbles!Delivers comfortable hydration to irritated skin and will calm you and your skin down.   KEY FEATURES Dry skin will become moist and clear, boosting...
Centella Foam Cleansing
WHAT IT IS A cleansing foam that balances the skin and leaving it clean without a dry feeling.   KEY FEATURES A moist cleansing foam that features snail mucus filtrates for hydration and Centella Asiatica to control sebum secretion. Water,...
Ceramic Cream
WHAT IT IS A creamy whip of moisture, delivering a healthy glow and glossy sheen with maximum hydration.   KEY FEATURES Helps to promote moisture-rich skin barrier. Luxurious frosted glass packaging. Water, Glycerin, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Butylene Glycol,...
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Collagen Core Glow Essence
WHAT IT IS A fine mist type essence that effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin.   KEY FEATURES Composed of Pure Alaskan Collagen Water, which is rich in minerals, and 100% natural pollock fish collagen with a small molecular structure...
Collagen Core Glow Mask
WHAT IT IS This therapeutic whipped bubble mask exfoliates while clarifying the skin with 9 different types of collagen to boost elasticity and plump up the appearance of skin! See the effect within 10 hours.   KEY FEATURES Achieve a...
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Collagen Lifting Eye Cream
WHAT IT IS An innovative and luxurious eye cream with a rolling ball applicator, charged with plant collagen that provides vital nutrients, resilience, and elasticity to the thin lip and eye area.   KEY FEATURES Helps to reduce the appearance,...
Glossy Coating Mist
WHAT IT IS An anti-wrinkle coating mist that brightens up the skin.   KEY FEATURES Its duality is mesmerizing, helping to brighten the skin while improving the look of wrinkles. The extra-fine nozzle tip ensures that the skin is delivered...
Mask Fit Cushion
WHAT IT IS Wear a flawless satin complexion that adheres to the skin even under a mask.   KEY FEATURES This long lasting foundation is compact and luxurious, meaning you can achieve seamless complexion anywhere. The unique egg shape of...
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Mask Fit Red Cushion
WHAT IT IS Our best cushion formula, encased in a vibrant and eye-catching red case.   KEY FEATURES The cushion offers 72 hours of gorgeously dewy coverage that will leave you hesitant to remove before sleeping (but please make sure...
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Milk Skin
WHAT IT IS A milky toner for 24 hours of lasting hydration. Don't let its consistency fool you! The skin will be comfortably hydrated with this non-irritating formula that quickly absorbs and gets to work, brightening and evening out the...
My Glow Cream Cushion
WHAT IT IS Achieve creamy coverage on dry skin for a gorgeous glow that lasts the whole day.   KEY FEATURES Gentle on senstiive skin yet light enough so that the skin can breathe. Features SPF30 PA ++ for ultimate...
from $24.00
Pink Carrier Pouch
WHAT IT IS This conveniently sized pink pouch with a hard exterior, perfect for your travel or daily necessities. KEY FEATURES ✓ Light and strong, with a zipper closure.✓ Dimensions are 7 x 4 x 2.5"✓ Features multiple small mesh pockets inside. Play...
Play Pink Pouch
WHAT IT IS A convenient pouch that will hold all of your go-to beauty items.   KEY FEATURES Features a handle for convenience, double zipper closure, pockets on the inside for your makeup brushes/pencils, with a water proof outer layer....
Rosemary One Cream
WHAT IT IS The cream is full of goodness, crafted with a recipe for healthy skin, featuring allantoin to help exfoliate and provide lasting moisture to distressed skin.   KEY FEATURES Its pudding-like consistency is free of silicones and is...
Rosemary One Essence
WHAT IT IS A calming esssence that features Jeju Rosemary Extract for a soothing and antioxidant effect.   KEY FEATURES Made of just 4 ingredients, this is simplicity in a bottle. This gentle and calming product holds powerful antioxidant properties...
Rosemary One Serum
WHAT IT IS The serum improves sensitive skin and delivers dewiness that emanates from beneath the skin.   KEY FEATURES Packed with hyaluronic acid and ectoin, which promote long term hydration and skin barrier repair, the serum is formulated with...
SOS Serum
WHAT IT IS A moisturizing serum that rejuvenates dull skin with glowing radiance. Delivers instantaneous relief, ideal for soothing the skin and smoothing out rough texture. No sticky residue here!   KEY FEATURES Improves skin hydration, wards off skin stressors,...
VC Glow Toning Mask
WHAT IT IS A bubbly toner mask that will leave skin radiant and bright.   KEY FEATURES This brightening (bright+toning) mask contains vegetable vitamins and LHA for the ultimate smoothing effect, combining the synergy of 8 hyaluronic acids and 9...
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